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> Clothing, only idiots go to Retail Clothing Stores
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Christopher Paige

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I remember some years ago being on this bus from Manhasset (on Long Island) to Queens.

I was sitting in the back of the bus minding my own business and it became apparent that this Black Guy was staring at my shoes and laughing at me with his friends. I was wearing these Black Nike shoes that cost about $50.00 and I gathered that all of the guys laughing at me were wearing expensive designer sneakers that cost upwards of $250.00

Now, I was not a teenager at the time and even if I had been, there was no way that I would have ever paid $250.00 for designer anything. But this just goes to show you WHY stupid people are poor.

Once someone in NYC making a little money buys all the shit that he/she thinks makes him/her cool, they probably don't have enough money to eat after paying their rent. AND,

The fact of the matter is that really beautiful people don't spend money on expensive clothes, they seem to think that they are so beautiful that they can wear the ugliest things and still look stunning.

The only people I know buying expensive designer dresses are lardass butt ugly bitches from the Caribbean with butts the size of compact cars.

The only guys I know buying expensive shoes and expensive coats are guys who don't seem to have jobs.

New York City is the home of designer everything, there are outlets everywhere where you can buy clothing much lower than retail. There are a very very large number of clothing stores down town just north of the World Trade Center area off of Chambers Street where you can buy pants and shirts for under $10.00. I have hundreds of Lands End Shirts that I bought for $7 each. I have so many of them that I could go months without wearing the same shirt twice.

I was working on a contract with IBM, IBM is known to be tightass about the way people dress, like IBM at one time demanded everyone wear WHITE shirts. Any way, I was on this contract with IBM and the IBM guy one day complimented me on the way I was dressed (I usually don't work during the day so I usually don't have any day business clothes lying around my house). The IBM Guy considered the way that I was dressed on that particular day as an improvement on the way that I usually dressed. But, the pants that I was wearing cost about $7.00 (I think I bought about ten pairs of the same kind of pants in various colors) and the shirt I was wearing cost $3.00.

About the only thing that I buy new are shoes, because I can't see wearing used or irregular shoes. The last time I bought a pair of shoes, I bought this Boot style Dress shoe (it looks like a dress shoe but it is actually a boot) and I bought four pairs of the exact same shoe for about $60.00 each because the guy told me that the style had been discontinued.
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