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> Aiming High in White Trash City, Aim for Investment Banks
Ross Russell
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I can remember not long ago getting a temp assignment at an Architecture firm and thinking that it might be a better work environment than law firms and investments banks. It wasn't.

The thing about working in White Trash City ™ is that ALL the *uckers are abused aholes. Every race, every religion, every national origin in New York City is abused. Every one of these *uckers has gotten or is getting the *hit beat out of them on a regular basis.

the only people in White Trash City who are even worth talking to are European Tourists.

I can remember thinking to myself after having been at this architecture/contruction firm for a couple of hours, that if I was going to put up with crap, that I could at least get it from a better looking better class of people.

Investment Banks are the absolute best working environments in New York City. Investment Bankers are generally young, attractive, in shape, extraordinarily professional and they make a lot of money. The only downside of investment banks are the ugly *ucking beauches and minorities that Investment Banks are required to hire to fill their EEO quotas.

So, I guess what I'm advising is, if you are going to work in White Trash City, aim high.

Aim for Investment Banks.

Investment Banks are at the top of the food chain in New York City.

Perceptions in White Trash City

If you are coming into White Trash City ™ with this perception of yourself as this nice innocent person who just wants to make a living, you are going to be crushed. White Trash City is not a City where you can get away with being normal. However,

There is a way to view White Trash City that I guarantee will be your ticket to happiness and riches beyond your wildest dreams.

First, go to the top floor of any skyscraper in White Trash City and look down on the people below.

While looking down on the people below, realize this: White Trash City is a city of 7+ million stupid abused *ucks who you can sue one after another. And some of these dumb *ucks actually have a lot of money that you can take. There are more sueable companies and sueable aholes in White Trash City than there are anywhere else in America. And, because most of the idiots in White Trash City are idiots, most of them are too stupid NOT to do something to you that is either illegal or tortious.

White Trash City is Ho Heaven.

Ross Russell
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post May 6 2004, 05:03 AM [ Post #2 ]

Christopher Paige

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Prime Perm Season for Blacks At Investment Banks?

When you live and are trying to work in a ***ked up city like New York City, it really does not make much sense to pretend that everything is normal and to act like you would act in a Normal City.

I/we said elsewhere here that you just have to face the reality in New York City about how companies in New York City probably hire Blacks. You have to face the possible reality that racist Firms in NYC do not hire Blacks by accident.

Specifically, companies in New York City probably hire the people that they want and like first and then after they hire the people they want and like, their lawyers then tell them that they have to have X% women and X% Black/Hispanic. Stated very frankly, NYC companies proabably go to special minority recruiters to hire Blacks and Hispanics for designated MINORITY JOBS. AND,

If a job is NOT posted on a special diversity website or through a special diverity recruiter, if you are Black and you apply for that job, you are not likely to get it.

This brings me to the point of this post.

The fact is that with all of the outsourcing of mail rooms, copy centers and word processing centers (functions traditionally staffed by people firms hire to fill their quota for women and minorities), a lot of racists Companies in NYC are going to have to hire some NEW BLACKS to replace the ones that were outsourced.

In other words, this may just be a Great Time For Blacks to Apply For Perm Jobs with Companies that are outsourcing their traditionally Women/BLACKS/NON-WHITES functions

When in Rome, think like a Roman. When in New York City, think like a racist abused asshole.

Christopher Paige
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post Jun 6 2004, 12:36 PM [ Post #3 ]

Christopher Paige

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In White Trash City, The Rich ARE Different

Wealthy people in White Trash City ARE different because they are smart enough to be afraid of you.

The nicest most civilized and professional people in White Trash City are the people with a lot of money. This is true because people with a lot of money have lawyers and advisers who have told them that some ahole can sue them and take all of their money. There is an entire fahking industry in place (asset protection) with the specific task of helping wealthy people hold onto their money.

As a not rich Black Man, I can walk into an office at Goldman Sachs where every fahking body in the room in a multimillionaire, and not one person will be rude, not one person will be sarcastic and not one person will make a racist remark. This is true because everyone one of these guys will be fully aware that I could sue them and take their money away, or at the very least that I could sue them and COST them a lot of money.

However, I, as the same Black Man above, could walk into a Word Processing Center full of low income abused Ghetto Beauches and it will be impossible for me to function there.

First of all, abused low income Ghetto Beauches are too stupid to even think that a Black Man could sue them. Abused low income Ghetto Beauches don't have any fahking money for me to take.

And personally, I don't even know why someone doesn't just kill all of these stupid fahkers. I mean this is 2004, couldn't we just replace these ugly idiot fahkers with Replicants?

On those occassions when I have walked into a Word Processing Center and have seen a room full of ugly abused ghetto beaches, chills have gone up and down my spine. When I walk into a room full of abused low income Ghetto Beauches, my first implulse is to turn around and run out. I already know that I can expect their Cobra Heads to start swaying in that "What Are You Suppose to Be Sort of Way". I already know that some Black Man is beating the sheat out of each one of them every night, so I represent All the Black Men in the World who have ever beaten the sheat out of the ugly abused beauches since their idiot fahking births. AND,

The simple fact that I am presented with a room full of ugly abused Ghetto beauches means that this company had deliberately went out and sought the ugliest dumbest Ghetto beauches it could find in the City, because this racist company thinks that ugly abused stupid ghetto beauches make better minority employees because they are:

( a ) less likely to sue because they are ugly and stupid;

( b) easier to manage because they are ugly and stupid and they know should know that they are too fahking ugly and stupid to find a good job any where else; and

( c ) that there HAS to be a lot of hard-up White Beauches working for this company because there are no Black Men anywhere in sight.
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