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The new crop of Tablet PC out right now (selling for like $2,000), should bring the prices on the old Tablet PCs on ebay down somewhat.

I was buying Stylistic 1200s a couple of years ago on ebay for $100.00 to $150.00

For running Windows 98 and above you would probably have to go with a Point 1600 or a Stylistic 1200 or Stylistic 2300 (or above).

You can run Windows 95 on the 730T and Point 510 but the processors in these machine are not Pentium Processors, the processors are too slow for good performance running anything above Windows 95 (OS/2 is perfect on the 730T but I cannot find OS/2 drivers for the Point 510 or the Fujusit Stylistics - although there should be some out there).

I have one Stylistic 1200 that I currently have connected to a desktop monitor and a keyboard that I use more or less as a replacement computer for my desktop machine. I actually clonned (ghosted) the harddrive of my desktop PC and put it into the Stylistic 1200 and then added the Pen Services software. So this Stylistic 1200 is an identical copy of my desktop machine in a Tablet PC.

I have another Stylistic 1200 that has Windows 95 in it that I plan to use as a Color PDA (along with the IBM 730T). I would like to upgrade this machine to Windows 98, but I may not.

I have a third Stylistic 1200 that currently has no harddrive in it. Eventually, I want to clone my desktop PC again and put another copy of my desktop into that Stylistic 1200. It is very easy to move harddrives from one Tablet PC to another, so I could just take the harddrive in the Stylistic 1200 connected to the desktop monitor (because the display is cracked) and put that harddrive in the Stylistic 1200 that has no drive in it.

btw, I have the housing/case for a Stylistic 1200. And I have two working motherboards that I could put into the Case. I also have a monochrome replacement display for the cracked display

Wireless Web

I have a PCMCIA modem in the Stylistic 1200 that I have connected to a desktop monitor that I use to connect to the web with. This particular modem is not wireless and connects to a phone line. But there are wireless PCMCIA modems that connect to the Stylistics that you can use to connect to the web and then browse the web with your Table PC and Penw while walking around (or while outside).
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QUOTE (McEddy @ Jul 2 2005, 09:19 AM)
QUOTE (Ross Russell @ Apr 13 2004, 12:37 AM)
Fully Loaded Fujitsu Stylistic 1200

the picture below shows a Stylistic 1200 with attached expansion port, floppy drive and keyboard.  You can also ad a pcmcia cd/dvd drive and anything else that connects to a pcmcia, serial, parallel, or usb port


I'm looking for the driver of pen for Stylistic 1200 under Windows 98.

Could-you send me at : edouardx@yahoo.fr

Thank you.


I'm looking for the driver of pen for Stylistic 1200 under Windows 98.

Could-you send me at : edouardlx@yahoo.fr

Thank you.
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