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Moving to New York City


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The Ultimate Pass Thru Entity

People engaged in Computer Consulting and working as Independent Consultants know that there are many organizations claiming to function as low cost Pass Through Entities. 

The LLC is the ultimate NO COST pass through entity. With your own LLC, you OWN the contracts you get. This site provides resources for creating and managing the Free Agent LLC (tm) (Free Agent LLP (tm)) and also provides an interactive directory of temp agencies and consulting firms specializing in information technology .

With a limited liability company, computer consultants, programmers and other IT professionals can also compete for outsourcing deals and contracts. 

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The Limited Liability Company 

The Limited Liability Company (LLC)" is an exciting new business structure that has the pass-through tax benefit of a partnership and the "limited liability" protection of a corporation. We believe that the LLC will revolutionize relationships (see Relationship LLC) and the workplace.

Limited Liability Companies are not taxed when classified as a partnership, rather the members pay tax, at the personal income rate, on the money which they receive from the limited liability company. An LLC can be viewed as a partnership which has the advantage of a corporation in that the members/partners are not liable for the debts of the LLC, nor are they liable to each other.

LLCs are recognized by all fifty states, the federal government and internationally.

"The origin of this relatively new institution is generally attributed to the German Law of 1892, authorizing the Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung...Once established in Germany, the concept of the LLC had a very active and fast growth... Within a short period of time after enactment in Germany, the following countries joined the limited liability bandwagon: Portugal (1917); Brazil (1919); Chile (1923); France (1925); Turkey (1926); Cuba (1929); Argentina (1932); Uruguay (1933); Mexico (1934); Belgium (1935); Switzerland (1936); Italy (1936); Peru (1936); Columbia (1937); Costa Rica (1942); Guatemala (1942); and Honduras (1950). 13 Univ Pitt L Rev 193 (1952)."

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Tempcity (tm)

Relationship, L.L.C. (a Delaware Limited Liability Company) publishes a number of websites dedicated to temping, consulting and self-employment.

In general, our Hot Temp Jobs (tm) sites (, and will primarily be interactive directories of temporary help agencies and consulting firms that hire temps and consultants/freelancers.

Hot Contract Jobs.Com (tm) will be similar to the Hot Temp Jobs (tm) websites, but will allow for discussion tailored more to consultants.

Our TempCity (tm) websites (,, will serve as a resource center for people who create their own LLCs to market their labor and on self-employment in general. The TempCity (tm) websites will, in general, list employers and indicate contact info for getting contracts with those companies.

Desperately Seeking Temps (tm)

Fax resume to Le or Tye: (212)697-9116



545 5th Ave, Suite 715
phone (212) 213-3600
fax (212)490-6527  



NEW YORK, NY 10173
Volt Services Group
1221 Avenue of the Americas
47th floor
New York, NY 10020
Voice: 212-719-7800
Fax: 212-719-7850
Headway Technology Resources
317 Madison Avenue
Suite 319
New York, NY 10017
Contact: Diane Rafferty
Phone: 212-672-6761
Fax: 212-672-6799
Phone: (212) 949-8545
Advantage Human Resourcing
Tele: (212)267-1400
Admin support, accounting and finance, graphic design & production
Acsys Inc
Tele: (212)451-0745
Executive recruiting, business consultants, professional temporaries, accountants, bookkeepers, tax, controllers, CPAs
53 Wall St.
New York, NY
(212) 858-7527
contact us at
contact us at

Tempcity (tm) continued

If you are in need of work and you are turning to temping in New York City NYC, you have to just start registering with temp agencies until you find some that give you work.

There is no real way to know which agencies will give you work and which ones won't.  I once registered with this agency at about 1:00 pm and I was convinced that I would never hear from them. The agency called me at 4:00 pm that day asking me if I could work THAT night.

If the agency forces you to go through very elaborate registration rituals, they either don't have any work or they don't like you, for one reason or another. Sometimes it is advisable to keep calling into an agency asking if there is work available, but in general, if they are not calling YOU, you need to keep registering with more agencies until you find ones that do call you. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is a required basic skill, but if an agency really needs people they will train you in whatever it takes to send you out on jobs. 

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Infrastructuring (tm)

Employers have many labor options available to them. Employers may hire employees directly as "permanent" at-will employees, employee-leasing, use temporary and contract labor and outsource functions entirely. We believe that outsourcing work to an in-house independent employee-owned labor pool or Support LLC (tm) is the best possible labor solution. In addition, by way of an equity stake in the Support LLC, your company can have a shared investment in the success of this independent labor pool and achieve additional cost savings. 

So called "permanent" employment is legally classified as Employment-At-Will. Legally this means that the employment contract can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason (more or less). In other words "permanent" employment is minute to minute (or second to second) and there is no contractual guarantee or implication of a long term relationship by either the employer or the employee.

The Republican Party has made it its mission in life to preserve employment-at-will and to protect the employer's right to fire employees-at-will at any time for any reason; the federal government only requires that if an employer is going to fire a lot of employees-at-will, that it give legal notice in advance. As far as we know, every Court in the country has refused to allow statements in employment handbooks and/or oral promises by the employer to be used to transform employment-at-will into employment for a specified duration (i.e to transform the employment relationship from being at-will into the employment being a property interest).

You are not an employee at will if you have a contract to work for a specified duration or you are a government worker. In these types of employment, your job is considered a property interest. What this means is that your job is property (something you own) and therefore your job cannot be taken away unless your employer first accords you due process of law.

Temps are employees-at-will just like "permanent" employees, both types of employment are minute to minute and there is no implied guarantee of long-term employment. Permanent employees are merely suffering from a grand delusion, whereas Temps know that they may not have a job tomorrow. Health benefits, retirement, etc. are merely part of the compensation (and should be taxed as such). I doubt that anyone would say that a permanent secretary making $12.00 per hour with benefits is better off than a temp making $50.00 per hour with no benefits. The fact is that Temps and Consultants are subsidizing "permanent" employees because "permanent" employees get compensated in the form of employment benefits which aren't taxed.

An employer on Long Island once promised to pay new hires $5,000 a year as a signing bonus. The $5,000 was to be reduced by a certain percentage a year until it became zero. It was argued in court by a discharged employee that it would have taken more than 200+ years for that $5,000 to become zero and that therefore the employment relationship was not "at-will", i.e. that the employment was for a specified duration and a "property interest". A federal judge refused to allow this argument and held that even with the promise of compensation for 200+ years, the employment was still at-will. This is typical of courts in the US, employment-at-will is a US institution, it is sealed in stone and the US is the only major industrialized county in which the majority of workers are employees at will.

Employment for the majority of workers in the US is government by their state's Master Servant Clause. The Master Servant Clause holds that employment, unless contractually stipulated to otherwise by the parties in a written contract, is At-Will and that the employment contract may be terminated at any time for any reason by either party.

As a result, the unemployment rate in the United States could technically be nearly 100% in 90 days because there is no legal barrier to employers firing all at-will employees if they choose to. Clearly, Employment-At Will Is A Threat To The National Security Interest of The United States.

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